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Textbook Rental

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Textbook Rental Unit

The textbook rental programme in primary schools covers the areas of reading, mathematics, science, and language arts. Students are also provided with an atlas and a dictionary

The programme in the technical/vocational schools covers all areas of study where students are loaned instruments and equipment for the duration of their programme of study.

In the new aspects of the programme - early childhood centres, primary, secondary, remedial and special education schools - resources are acquired for the respective schools to work with the adolescent students.

Collaboration of all partners in education is critical to the success of the programme.
Responsibilities include:

  • Principals marketing the programme to their school community and implementing the Textbook Rental Unit school team.
  • Teachers conducting spot checks of the books during the year, to monitor the condition and use of the books.
  • Parents ensuring that their children use the books with care and fulfilling their obligations under the contract.
  • Students taking care of the books assigned to them.
  • On-the-job trainees assisting in running the programme at the school level
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