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Schools Broadcasting Unit

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Schools Broadcasting Unit

The Schools Broadcasting Unit was formally established as the Education Broadcasting Unit of the Ministry of Education.  The Unit was born out of a British Council and BBC initiative. The unit was inaugurated on October 1, 1960, 45 years ago, and 50 schools were initially involved. At its inception, the Unit produced both radio and television programmes. In 1963 an Educational Television Unit was established, allowing the SBU to concentrate solely on radio broadcasts. At present, the service embraces all primary schools, secondary schools, teachers’ colleges, early childhood care and education centres, distance learning centres and adult education centres.

Schools Broadcasting Unit is an unconventional institution of learning. Its educational endeavour is to perform as a support arm of the Curriculum Division.
Two-way communication between the learner and teacher is made possible by means of support systems, e.g., notes for teacher and student, posters, readers, CDs, DVDs and feedback sheets.

The topics presented are expected to provide stimulating facts, information and atmosphere - an excellent back-ground of interest and motivation for the subjects of the school curriculum. Some broadcasts aim at "direct teaching", and others at "support teaching", but all are calculated to provide enrichment for the child's experience.

Fifteen-minute broadcasts are transmitted on Radio 730AM, Radio Gold 99.5FM, WACK Radio 90.1FM, Radio Toco106.7FM and Radio Tambrin 92.1FM of Tobago. Deletion here.

Some achievements

  • The first educational broadcasting service in Trinidad and Tobago and the English-speaking islands of the West Indies.
  • The longest-serving educational service of the Ministry of Education.
  • The first educational television service in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Publication of the Unit’s first catalogue – a collaborative effort with the School Publications Unit
  • Launch of a Pilot Programme in Distance Education
  • Publication of Teachers’ Notes in the daily press
  • User-friendly booklets in preparation for improved distance education approaches.
  • Collaboration with schools for the creation of audio-print packages
  • Obtaining the award of a scholarship in digital techniques for technical staff
  • Re-training of staff at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Education Broadcasting
  • Introduction of vacation programming during the August holiday with daily programmes on two radio stations.
  • The first Spanish series for beginners
  • The expansion of programming to include secondary schools, teachers’ colleges distance learning centres.
  • The production of DVDs as an instructional medium.
  • Dubbing of broadcasts to schools for primary, secondary and private schools. This facility is extended to the general public.

Products and Services
Audio Packs
Notes for Teachers
Notes for Students
Students Readers
Colour Posters
Video Clips
DVD Plus Packs
Cassette, CD, DVD Dubbing

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