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National Schools Dietary Services

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National Schools Dietary Services

The National Schools Dietary Services Limited (NSDSL) is responsible for the School Nutrition Programme (SNP), which serves breakfast and lunch meals to over 120,000 school children in pre-primary, primary and secondary schools daily. The NSDSL employs over 70 caterers island-wide. Hot meals are delivered to schools within a 4-hour time frame from completion of preparation at the caterer to consumption by the students.

Barbequed Chicken. Sounds good? Try it with Ochro and Rice with Pumpkin and Carrots and a Slice of Plantain on the side. Now you are talking! How about an Asian Wrap with Teriyaki Chicken. Yummy! Or even a Paratha Roti with Curried Channa & Potatoes, Curried Bodi and Mango Amchar. Want more? Corn Soup with Carrots, Ground Provision and Corn Meal Dumplings. Someone once said, “school days are happy, happy days”.  How could it not be when children are getting these scrumptious dishes every day? What am I talking about? These are just samples of the meals provided to students by the School Nutrition Programme on a daily basis.

So how does this all work anyway?  The NSDSL has contracted independent caterers to produce and deliver these meals to the schools five days a week. Menus are planned with the objective of meeting 1/3 Recommended Daily Allowance of nutrients for lunch and 1/4
Recommended Daily Allowance of nutrients for breakfast.

Our meals are the best in town. We are not only talking taste, that’s a given.  Safety is guaranteed.  Each of our contracted facilities must adhere to stringent sanitation guidelines in their daily operations.  Our kitchens are inspected and approved annually by the Public Health Department, but that is just the beginning. NSDSL has strict
sanitation levels that are closely examined and monitored by the Quality Assurance Officers on a daily basis to ensure that they are maintained. Vans, totes, equipment and food contact surfaces are cleaned and sanitized no less than twice daily and HACCP guidelines for food production are adopted. “Clean as you go” is our catch phrase. 
Random in-house sampling is done on products from various food suppliers.  Every aspect of food production - from purchasing to delivery – is monitored by NSDSL officials.  Nothing is left to chance.
NSDSL is owned by the Ministry of Education. It is mandated to ensure that the nation’s children are served nutritionally-balanced, delicious meals.  It has been proven that a well-fed child is a well read child.  Children are better able to concentrate and thereby able to perform better in their studies.  The long term benefit will be healthier youth who will make better food choices, having the foundation of good nutrition.  To this end the NSDSL has also embarked on nutrition education in schools and health fairs to spread the good news of nutrition to students and their parents.

With a desire to stimulate growth within the community, NSDSL encourages and supports the agricultural sector by ensuring that menus utilize more local produce.  The Company also encourages small businesses that wish to supply goods and services that will benefit the goals of the programme – to produce the best quality meals at the lowest possible cost to caterers.


National Schools Dietary Services Limited

Couva/Point Lisas Chamber of Commerce Building

Camden Road


TEL: (868) 636-8922 /0560 or (868) 679-1274 /4624

FAX: (868) 679-8859

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