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Local School Boards

Local School Boards (1)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 12:00

Local School Boards

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Local School Boards

The establishment of local school boards in government schools is an initiative by the Ministry of Education to bring all stakeholders into the decision-making process for the improved quality, efficiency and effectiveness of schools.

The Local School Board Initiative is seen as a pivotal factor in the Ministry’s drive toward school-based management and decentralisation. At present, a local school board has been established in each government secondary school in Trinidad and in two schools in Tobago. This brings the number of established school boards to 87.

To support local school boards, a Local School Boards Unit (LSBU) was established in May 2004 and currently comprises three members of staff:

Ms. Jennifer Andall – Project Manager
Mrs. Ann-Marie Leladharsingh – Project Assistant
Mrs. Nicole Cumberbatch – Project Secretary
Our roles include:

  1. Establishing school boards in all government schools
  2. Providing guidance and support to local school boards
  3. Training members for the effective conduct of their duties and responsibilities
  4. Working closely with the Ministry of Education to develop policies and procedures to guide the operations of local school boards
  5. Monitoring and evaluating the operations of the boards, in conjunction with the Division of School Supervision.
Our commitment and dedication to our stakeholders is evident in the vision we share, “to be the dynamic team, in the realisation of quality School Based Management through the establishment and implementation of successful Local School Boards.”
This is achieved by, “transcending the expectation of our stakeholders with innovative and proactive work practices.”

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