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The Legal Unit

Role and Functions of the Legal Unit

Advising the Minister of Education, Permanent Secretaries and other senior officers of all divisions and units on the legal aspects and issues involved in or arising from the discharge of their official duties.

Providing legal advice and opinions to the Ministry of Education on its legal problems.

Liaising with the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Office of the Attorney General, with respect to all legislation pertaining to the functions and objectives of the Ministry of Education.

Liaising with the Chief State Solicitor, Office of the Attorney General, with respect to the drafting and preparation of contracts and other documents to which the Ministry of Education is a party.

Liaising with the Solicitor General, Office of the Attorney General, on court matters in which the Ministry of Education is involved.

Representing the Ministry of Education in contract negotiation, conciliation and arbitration procedures as a member of a team or individually.

Assisting in the drafting of documents regarding policies of the Ministry of Education.

Assisting in promotion and disseminating legal information of Ministry of Education as required.

Preparing and/or reviewing all contracts, including contracts for services.

Legal Unit Organizational Chart
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Unit expanded and we are now able to take over the portfolio of representing the Ministry at Disciplinary Tribunals.

Laying in Parliament of two pieces of Legislation:

  • The Education (Local School Board) (Amendment) Regulations 2005
  • The Education Amendment Act 2005


Legal Unit
Ministry of Education
18 Alexandra Street
St. Clair
Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

Telephone: 1 868 628 4527 / 1 868 628 2778
Fax: 1 868 622 4987

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