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Internal Audit

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Internal Audit Section

Ministry of Finance Circular No.17 of 1960 dated 14/9/1960 conveyed instructions on the decentralization of accounts and stated that the Internal Audit Section of each Ministry was responsible for the examination of each day's payments. This pre-supposed the existence of internal audit sections. The Financial Regulations, 1965 made in accordance with Section 45 of the Exchequer and Audit Act, provides for the establishment of an independent internal audit section. Part 2 paragraph 13, subsection (4) of the Financial Regulations, 1965 states: "Each accounting unit shall have a check staff and an independent internal audit section."

Internal audit is an integral part of the organization and functions within the policies established by management. The internal auditor must be free to perform objectively and independently within the broad framework of the organization.

Mission Statement of the Internal Audit Section:
"To preserve the independence and integrity of the profession. To develop and maintain organizational effectiveness through proactive leadership, teamwork and maximization of the Ministry's most valued asset - the human resource. To evaluate and report objectively on the adequacy, efficiency and implementation of the control systems of the Ministry of Education through strategically planned audits. To ensure compliance with established standards and adherence to the principle of continuous improvement in the delivery of a quality service to our stakeholders."

To provide an efficient and effective service to the organization by ensuring that there is prudent management of all the resources of the Ministry as it seeks to lead the modernization and renewal of the education system.

Internal Audit functions under the policies established by the Audit and Exchequer Act Ch 69:01.  The core business of this Unit is to assist management in the effective discharge of its responsibility by furnishing objective analyses, appraisals, recommendations, and pertinent comments on the activities reviewed. As a management tool the Internal Auditor seeks to perform the following functions:-

  • Review the effectiveness of the systems of internal control of the organization.
  • Appraise the soundness and application of accounting controls.
  • Ensure compliance with established policies and procedures, for example Financial Regulations 1965, Financial Instructions 1965, Stores Regulations 1965, Travelling Regulations and any other circulars emanating from the Office of Comptroller of Accounts, Ministry of Finance and the Chief Personnel Officer.
  • Ascertain the reliability and accuracy of books and records and report findings to the appropriate authorities.
  • Ensure that all assets are properly recorded and safeguarded.

The attainment of this service to management involves audits at Head Office, primary schools, secondary schools, district offices and all other units under the Ministry's jurisdiction. Several different types of audits may be conducted for example, audits of financial documents (vote books, vouchers, cash books, etc.) inventory records, consumable records, records of service, arrears of salaries, school funds and projects. Additionally, notifications of credit from the Treasury are verified before releases of funds are obtained. This is necessary before cheques are issued. The work of the Internal Audit is done on behalf of the Accounting Officer (Permanent Secretary) with respect to audit planning, programming and reporting. The Accounting Officer is provided with monthly Programmes of Work and is kept appraised by monthly reports.

Contact information:
The telephone number of the Internal Audit Section is 622-1219 or 622-2181 to 5 Ext. 299/300. Postal address is Alexandra Street, St. Clair.

Verification of notifications from Comptroller of Accounts re motor vehicle loans (for purchase, insurance and repairs) for all travelling officers.

Departmental/Divisional Staff
Presently there are 21 officers on staff but the establishment provides for 25 officers.

Hereunder is the composition of the staff of the Internal Audit Section.



Auditor III


Auditor II


Auditor I


Auditing Assistants


Clerk II





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