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Instructional Material Development

Instructional Material Development (1)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 11:34

Instructional Materials Development Unit

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Instructional Materials Development Unit

What is the Instructional Materials Development Unit (IMDU)?

The Instructional Materials Development Unit (IMDU) is a unit of the Division of Educational Services of the Ministry of Education, responsible for the production of educational material in various multimedia formats to supplement and facilitate the delivery of all curricula in the school system.

What services do we provide?

Video Production
The primary function of the IMDU is the production of documentaries, best practices for schools and the archiving of specific functions of the Ministry of Education.

Technical Services
Our dynamic staff of AV officers are available upon written request and approval to provide technical support and services for demonstrations and AV-related events in the classrooms, conference halls and at the auditorium of the RCLRC.

Studio Facilities
Equipped with a middle range 3-camera television studio, the IMDU can offer live switched production for television broadcast.

Workshops and Conferences
We provide training for groups in various AV- and technology-related skills: basic computer skills, proper use of a wide variety of AV equipment and basic camera operation.

Equipment Loans
Flip charts, multimedia projectors, television monitors and VCRs are available for loan to facilitate the curriculum officers in their presentations at conferences and in the classrooms.

From our diverse archive, we also provide dubbing services in the following video formats: VHS, SVHS and BETACAM.  All material for dubbing must be copyright cleared.

We also work in collaboration with other non-profit and governmental agencies in the production process to develop instructional and educational material.

Staff Post
Ajodha, Bebe   Director Instructional Materials
Ajodhasingh, Geeta Clerk Typist I
Basdeo, Balakrishnan   Television Engineering Technician
Borneo, Aldwin Audio Visual Aids Officer
McLetchie, Anthony Television Production Officer
Persad-Maharaj, Anand Audio Visual Aids Officer
Peters, Erwin    Audio Visual Aids Officer
Regis, Richie Audio Visual Aids Officer
Toney, Michael Graphic Artist/Editor


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