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School Library Services

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School Library Services

The School Library Services was set up in 1978 to promote and coordinate the development of the school libraries.  The School Library Services forms part of the Ministry of Education, and is managed by the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS).

Our Vision is:
A vibrant, pro-active school library system committed to providing high quality information services for the holistic development of students.

Our Mission is:
To promote and coordinate the organization and development of a school library system which would support and enhance the overall aims and objectives of the nation’s education system.

Our core functions are to:

  • provide professional advice to the Ministry of Education on all matters relating to the development of the library services in schools.
  • provide professional training for school librarians, library assistants and teachers in charge of primary school libraries nationally, so that they will develop and maintain an efficient school library service.
  • supervise the functioning of all school libraries by monitoring the services, ensuring that standards are adhered to and making recommendations to principals and staff.
  • provide standards for all aspects of the school libraries including: physical facilities, furniture, shelving and staffing.
  • to oversee the implementation of the Library and Information Skills curriculum in schools.
  • to formulate policies and procedures regarding school library services.
  • prepare and administer the annual strategic budget for the development of the school system.
  • provide limited binding services to school libraries.
  • provide access to current professional literature in library and information science through the use of the specialized library professional collection.
  • provide exposure to excellence in children’s literature through the use of the ‘model’ library.
  • provide a limited supply of stationery items to school libraries.


  • Standards for Secondary School Library Media Centres, School Libraries Division, 2001.
  • Library and Information Literacy Curriculum.  Division of Educational Services – School Library Services and Division of Curriculum Development, 2002.
  • Manual for School Libraries.  School Libraries Division c1994.  This document is currently being revised. 


The School Library Services is divided into three (3) major sections:
Administration, School Supervision and Technical Services.

The staff is comprised of:

7 Librarians
6 Library Assistants
1 Clerk III
1 Stenographer II
4 Clerk Typists
1 Printing Operator
1 Messenger
1 Cleaner
1 Handyman
1 Security Officer


The Rudranath Capildeo Learning Resource Centre (RCLRC) Library was established to meet the information needs of professionals in the education sector in Trinidad and Tobago.  It is also geared towards facilitating tertiary level research in all aspects of education by the staff of the Ministry of Education. The RCLRC Library supports these objectives by providing services, information and data in the following areas:

  • Curriculum development and the promotion of innovations and strategies in the system.
  • The production of multi-media teaching guides and classroom learning and teaching aids.
  • Staff development courses.
  • The effective distribution and retrieval of information and materials.
  • Collaboration with other departments of the Ministry of Education, the Faculty of Education of the University of the West Indies, and similar institutions to share and disseminate materials and information relevant to the field of education.

The Library provides information in a variety of formats - books, journals, and audio-visual and electronic media, among others.  These are housed in various collections which can be searched using the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).

The Learning Resource Centre Collection (L.R.C.)
This comprises non-fiction and fiction materials that support curriculum development and staff training. 

West Indian Reference (WI REF) Collection
A collection of West Indian works, of both fiction and non-fiction, which support curriculum development.  The strength of this collection lies in the fact that it contains documents relating to current projects undertaken in the Ministry of Education.

Multi-media (MM) Collection
A growing collection of audio/video tapes, CD ROMs, DVDs, charts, games, etc., useful to teachers interested in adopting a variety of teaching and learning strategies in the classroom.

A collection of journals, newsletters and magazines that provide current information on a variety of topics in education.

Information Files
A collection of resource materials consisting mainly of newspaper clippings, current and retrospective, on a wide variety of topics relevant to issues in education, with emphasis on Trinidad and Tobago.

Pamphlet (PAM) Collection
A collection of materials which include flyers, brochures and fact sheets, as well as publications from the Ministry of Education.   These documents provide supplementary information on education.

Special Collections
The Capildeo Collection
The Beddoe Collection
These are personal collections that were donated to the Library by the family of Dr. Rudranath Capildeo and by Mr. I.B. Beddoe respectively.  The former covers general subjects, including education issues.  The latter contains mainly items relating to social studies. Included in these collections are books, notes, letters and manuscripts.

Model Library (ML) Collection
A collection of resources which include books, games, kits, etc., that exemplify and indicate the type of materials and kind of environment that should be provided in a school library, according to international library standards.

Awards Collection
This part of the Model Library’s Collection contains books that have won international awards, e.g., Caldecott Award, Newberry Award, etc.



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