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Support Student Services

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Student Support Services Division

What Is The Support Student Services Division?
Student Support Services Division came into being on January 29, 2004. It consists of the unification of the former Central Guidance Unit and Special Education Unit and a School Social Work component at the Primary School level.

What Is The Mission Of The Student Support Services Division?
To provide ongoing support for all students to maximise their learning potential, do well at school, achieve to their capabilities and develop holistically.

What Are Some Of The Strategic Goals Of The Student Support Services Division?

  • Increase student success by providing support through counselling and specialised intervention strategies for students on extended suspension and other at risk students.
  • Increase student success by providing specialised services for students with moderate and severe special educational needs as well as mainstreamed students with special educational needs.
  • Increase student success by providing social work services for students with psychosocial and behavioural difficulties at selected primary schools in each Educational District.
  • Increase student success by providing support through early intervention, diagnosis and remediation for selected primary schools in each Education District.

What Are The Procedures For Getting Assistance For A Student In Need?

What Does The Structure Of The Student Support Services Division Look Like?

Contact Information
ADDRESS : 66 Pembroke Street, Port-of-Spain.
TELEPHONE: 625-7935
FAX: 627-1271

Special Education/Diagnostic Prescriptive Services
Services offered

  1. Auditory and Visual Screening
  2. Psycho Educational Identification
  3. Psycho Educational Implementation
  4. Consulting
  5. Referral and Follow Up
  6. Parent Education
  7. Teacher Support and Education
  8. Specialised Services for students with sensory difficulties in regular schools
  9. Monitoring and supervision of curriculum and services of students in Institutional schools
  10. Psycho Education identification of gifted students
  11. Special Education services for gifted students
  12. Parent Education
  13. Teacher Support and Education


Guidance And Counselling Services
Services offered

  1. Group Guidance
  2. Counselling
  3. Refferal
  4. Consulting
  5. Information
  6. Assessment
  7. Accountability


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