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Maths Primary

ELA Primary

Maths Secondary

ELA Secondary


Grab the offline executables here -

Study tips for Primary and Secondary Math and English Language.


These booklets review critical skill requirements for students to successfully cover the syllabus requirements. Apart from Study Guidelines and Examination requirements specific to each subject the following are also included:

  • Mathematics Study Strategies 
  • Strategy for Solving Math Problems
  • Guidelines for answering questions
  • General Writing Guidelines 
  • Grammar Skills
  • Vocabulary, Spelling and Punctuation Skills
  • Guidelines for Answering Summary Questions 
  • Guidelines for Answering Comprehension Questions 
  • Guidelines for Answering Essay Questions 
  • Guidelines for Answering Multiple-Choice Questions 


The animated version is in the form of a flipbook that has the following features:

  • Navigation buttons and hyperlinks to specific content and syllabi and web resources
  • Icons that allow for “ zooming in” for better viewing and 
  • Background audiovisuals for greater student engagement
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