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School Safety

School Safety (1)

Monday, 25 February 2013 15:11

School Safety

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School Safety

General Principles

The Ministry of Education has as one of its major goals, the provision of the safe, secure learning environment for all the children of the nation. The education act section 27 (a) gives Principals the responsibility for supervision of the personal safety of pupils as well as the school plant.

Health and safety of students

  1. Proper precautions shall be taken to prevent injuries.  For the month facility safety features shall be in place and properly maintained.
  2. The school’s administration shall ensure that qualified personnel conduct a safety/ emergency/ disaster drill on a termly basis.
  3. The schools administration shall ensure that qualified personnel conduct a safety/ emergency/ disaster procedure review at least annually. Safety inspections of site, buildings, and equipment must be conducted at regular intervals.
  4. All schools must have an official evacuation site known to all students and staff for use in case of an emergency (fire or bomb threat etc.) and evacuation to this site must be part of the drill.
  5. The administration shall make arrangements for schools to be sprayed regularly for pests and vermin as necessary.  Steps must be taken to ensure that students are not exposed to dangerous chemicals used. 
  6. Schools and shall conform to the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
  7. The administration shall ensure that school environments are kept in the clean and the sanitary condition, promoting good health.
  8. All schools shall provide proper, secure receptacles for collection of garbage.
  9. Water tanks shall be drained and cleaned on a termly basis (primary schools) and annually (secondary schools), and the water quality tested after they are refilled.
  10. A safety audit shall be conducted at all schools every two years for schools ten years old or less, and annual safety audits for schools over ten years old.


School premises must be kept secure.

Schools shall be assigned an adequate number of security officers in accordance with Ministry of Education policy. A system must therefore be put in place for ensuring that the allocated number of offices are on duty.
Security lights shall be strategically placed so as to augment the security aspect.
The security officers are responsible for the following inter alia:

  • Investigation of security incidents
  • Key and access control
  • Prevention of the illegal removal all of equipment and materials from the compound
  • Preventing unauthorized visitors from entering the compound
  • Recording incidents and reports in the relevant security logs
  •  Informing the Principal or agents of the Ministry of Education of four major incidents and/or reports of loss, theft or damage to property
  • Patrolling the compound at half hour intervals

Vehicles entering the compound may be subject to search

Person entering the school compound are subject to security checks.

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