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Local School Boards

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Local School Boards

Local school boards establish the vision for the community's schools that reflects a consensus of the board, community and district staff.  Boards receive reports and other information about their school and promote the exchange of information between the school, parents and the community. Boards also report to the wider parent body and help improve parents’ understanding of what the school is trying to achieve.  Local School Boards have been introduced at each Government Secondary School with the aim of improving student achievement and enriching the school environment.

The Ministry of Education has embarked on a process of School Based Management with the aim of providing government schools with greater autonomy, authority and support.  Local School Boards have been identified as a catalyst in this restructuring and decentralization process.  The Ministry has created a “Local School Boards Manual” and “Parent’s Guide to Local School Boards.”  These publications can be downloaded by following links below.

Local School Boards Manual
Parent’s Guide to Local School Boards

How are Local School Boards appointed?

The Minister of Education appoints members to each Local School Board.  These members are identified by the major stakeholders of the School – PTA, staff, past students’ association and students and members of the local community.  Members include:

  1. The Principal or person acting in that post.
  2. A practicing member of the school’s staff other than the Principal.
  3. A teachers’ union member who is a practicing member of the school staff, nominated by the union.
  4. Two members of the Parent Teachers’ Organisation (PTO), nominated by the PTO members.
  5. A representative of the Past Pupils’ Association, if one exists, nominated by the association.
  6. A student, nominated by the student council.
  7. Three members of the local community, nominated by the Minister after consultation with interest groups and stakeholders from the local community.


How do I contact my Local School Board?

You can obtain contact information for your Local School Board using the link below.

Local School Board Directory

Where can I find more information?

For more information please contact the Local School Boards Unit of the Ministry of Education.  The Unit is open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, except public holidays.

Local School Boards Unit
4th Floor (Upstairs D.E.R.E.) # 18 Abercromby Street
Port of Spain, (Opposite Samaroo’s)
Temporary Telephone & Fax contact:

Tel: 625-8900; Tel/Fax: 625-9001.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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