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Primary Curriculum Guides (FEB 2014)

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The Ministry of Education has developed new Curriculum Documents for Primary Education. These envisage preparing our children with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to optimize their own development, to constitute a caring, respectful and socially conscious citizenry and to competently lead our country onto the world stage. This new primary curriculum is characterized by:

•A focus on 9 subject areas within an integrated, thematic approach

•Cross-curricular development of Literacy and Numeracy

•Infusion of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies)

•A prioritization of Assessment for Learning

•A conscious development of Values, including HFLE

• Explicit attention to Differentiated Instruction to meet the needs of a range of students.

Curriculum documents are available for use by all. These consist of:

1.Curriculum Guides in 9 subject areas: Agricultural Science; English Language Arts; Mathematics; Physical Education; Science; Social Studies; Spanish; Values, Character and Citizenship Education and Visual and Performing Arts.

2.7 Curriculum Guides for each of the year levels

3.A comprehensive Teachers’ Guide

4.6 Instructional Toolkits for each year level up to Standard 3 and a composite Toolkit for Standards 4 and 5. The toolkits contain planned Units, thematic as well as subject specific core-skills learning plans, sample activities, together with rubrics to assist teachers in the implementation of this new integrated thematic curriculum.

The new Primary Curriculum is being implemented in Infants 1, Infants 2 and Standard 1 in the academic year September 2013- July 2014. In this academic year, Standards 2 to 5 continue to work with and will be assessed using the previous curriculum documents to maintain continuity of students’ programmes of work. As the current Standard 1 moves to Standard 2 and each subsequent year, the new Curriculum will be introduced and so will be phased in to all year levels.

Feedback on the curriculum to assist in refinement of the documents may be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Ministry of Education welcomes feedback from stakeholders to enable us to refine these documents towards enabling us to best meet the needs of our children.


Link to documents* : Primary Curriculum Guides (FEB 2014)

*Although the documents can be mostly previewed with Google Drive, the documents are designed to be downloaded and opened with Microsoft Office.

Continuous Assessment Component (CAC) of the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA)

The CAC is a major revision of the primary school assessment regime. It was introduced in 2011 and consists of a combination of skill-driven curriculum and relevant national assessments which are marked at the level of the school with monitoring and moderation supplied from the central authority. These school-based assessments, administered from Standard 4, contribute to 30% of the final score of students who write the SEA in Standard 5. The CAC consists of six subjects or subject areas namely, Creative Writing, Science, Character and Citizenship Education, Visual and Performing Arts (choices of elements of Drama, Visual Arts, Music), Agricultural Science and Physical Education. 

Agricultural Science Teachers Manual

English Language Arts - Writing Teachers’ Manual

English Language Arts Writing Exemplars

Visual and Performing Arts, Music

Drama - Teachers Manual

Information Booklet for Administrators, Monitors and Teachers

Physical Education

CCE Student Journal Teacher's Guide

Teacher's Guide CCE Student Product

Visual and Performing Arts Assessment Guide

Music Teacher's Assessment Guide

Visual and Performing Arts Music Teacher's Manual

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Teacher's Training Manual

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