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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 16:36

Resource Information for Parents

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Resource Information for Parents/Preschoolers

Okay we know preschoolers are probably not reading this, but for parents / guardians of children
between 3 -4+ years, we have listed some interesting resources for their use

Here are a few interesting/informative BOOKS

- Kindergarten Basics, Joan Hoffman
- Gold Stars (Math workbook plus CD-rom), Peter Patilla
- Match and Sort, Nicola Morgan
- Preschool Basics, Joan Hoffman
- Super Workbook (Hooked on Phonics), Big Yellow tax Inc.
- Let ’s Get Started, Peter haddock Ltd.
- Playing Together, Nina Filipek
- Big Preschool Workbook, Lisa Carmona, Barbara Gregorich and Joan Hoffman
- Kindergarten Scholar, Marilee Robin Burton
- Preschool and Kindergarten Skills, Learning Horizons Inc.

Listings of some WEBSITES that should be useful

You can also check these PROGRAMMES

- Waterloo Institute of Soccer Players

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