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Information for Parents

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Information for Parents REGISTRATION Registering your child at a Government / Government Assisted ECCE Centre is a straightforward process. Successful enrolment of your child would entail meeting the criteria for selection. Registration normally commences form the month of March and continues during the Easter Vacation. Parents/Guardians who would like to enroll their child/children at one of our ECCE Centres are encouraged to visit the nearest ECCE Centre in your area during this time. Criteria for Selection National of Trinidad and Tobago or citizen with Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME) status. Child must be between ages 3 – 4 years old. Child must be toilet trained. Family must reside within a 2 km radius of the ECCE Centre. Process for Registration Parents/Guardians would be asked to fill out a Child’s Application Form, after which they would be notified within 1 month whether their application was accepted or not based on the criteria. Should the application be accepted you would be requested to visit the ECCE Centre with the following documents to conduct the enrolment process and orientation. Required Documents - Registered Birth Certificate of child/children - Two (2) Utility Bills ( for verification of address) - Immunisation Card - Two (2) passport size pictures of the child/children - Photo ID of person/s given permission to collect the child/children from the centre PHYSICALLY OR MENTALLY CHALLENGED CHILD Parents/Guardians are normally asked to have an assessment done on the child by relevant organisations. Depending on the results of the assessment done it may require the child be enrolled in an environment with Specialist Teachers and Services. The aim is to ensure that the child is placed in a responsive environment, with the necessary resources and personnel to meet the needs of the child. IS YOUR CHILD A PRODIGY? So your child is gifted, what’s next? The Curriculum used in our ECCE Centres is very adaptable and a child who is mentally advanced is given further challenges to suit his/her development needs. COMPLAINTS Have a complaint about a Government ECCE Centre or a Private Preschool that cannot be resolved internally? We are here to help. Should you have a grievance that you would like the ECCE Division to investigate you are normally required to put the matter in writing and submit your letter to the ECCE Division. You can also make a verbal complaint in person or over the telephone especially in cases that require urgent attention, but you would still be required to submit a written complaint. CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS Criminal complaints should firstly be reported to your nearest Police Station and then reported to the Ministry of Education.

Contact Information

ECCE Division

MTS Plaza,

Aranguez Main Road 



Contact: 675-1567

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