Minister of Education

Dr. The Honourable Tim Gopeesingh

Feature Story

  • Primary Curriculum Guides (FEB 2014)

Three Goals for the Education System

G1: Design and Develop a Quality Education System

A quality education system will undoubtedly foster the social and economic development of the country and by extension the harmony, respect, discipline and production needed for a cohesive society. As such the inputs and the processes are inextricably linked to the making of a quality education system such as qualified teachers, new or improved school infrastructure and relevant curriculum, appropriate legislation, enabling teaching and learning environment etc are currently being addressed. These issues are being addressed through the Ministry's sixteen priorities. Twelve priorities are aimed at improving the quality of the teaching and learning and directly support our goal to "Design and Develop a Quality Education System."

G2: Transform the Ministry into a Modern, High Performing Organisation

Progress in education depends on effective governance and adequate national policies. Mindful of this, three organisational priorities have been developed for the transformation of the Ministry into a high performing organisation. as listed above in the Ministerial Priorities.

G3: Engage Stakeholders in the Change and Transformation Process

Successful delivery in education relies on many people and organisations across the community working together for the benefit of schools. The Ministry and its many stakeholders and benefactors continue to work progressively to improve the quality of education. As the Ministry seeks to advance its reform initiatives, the need to engage stakeholders cannot be overstated. More so, since, several of these initiatives require input from stakeholders and quite often constant dialogue and exchange of information.

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